I am shaken.
There are times when words are not adequate. There are times when emotions run so deep and painful that any attempt to express them with words could unleash an uncontrollable flood. I am shaken.  I do not know how to contain the feelings of sorrow, trauma, anger (rage) that come as news and images flood the screen from the shootings at the Las Vegas concert. And tears flow. I might have a little more resilience if I hadn’t also been watching the devastation and emerging agony and frustration of those in Puerto Rico, and Mexico, and Houston, and Florida and Barbuda and Antigua and Dominica and ...

I know we are a people of faith.  And I know that we (I) will get past this moment and get down to the business of response and advocacy which are so essential.  And I know how important it is that we are a denomination, that bundle of churches and church members, which realizes the hope and power we have when we rise together out of our shock and into action. So, bear with me as I share again the resources and ongoing work that you are invited to be part of:
  1. Pray…just keep praying… don’t stop.
  2. Learn…there are updates and insights available to you on our MACUCC website and through our UCC:   
    1.  See John Dorhauer’s video message in light of the Las Vegas shooting;
    2. and read updates of the disaster response and recovery work that you are making possible;
    3. and here are some general resources for families, individuals and churches in the aftermath of disaster and trauma.
  3. Give… our UCC has ways to give to both national and international disaster response.  Again, 100% of your donation will be used directly for relief and recovery efforts since your donations to your Conference and denomination have already put the infrastructure, partnership and administration in place.  Give here.
  4. Remember … the Church World Service bucket collection. It is still running for another couple of weeks (through October 23).  You can find information and instructions here
  5. Volunteer… you can learn more about and register for volunteer opportunities that are already needed (and will be developed) here
  6. Advocate… Be a voice for those who are voiceless, marginalized or not yet born. 
  7. Hug the ones you love and pray together with them…just keep praying…don’t stop.


Don H. Remick

Don Remick is Bridge Conference Minister.

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