Results of Proportional Giving in 2021: Thank You

Results of Proportional Giving in 2021: Thank You


On behalf of the entire Southern New England Conference (SNEUCC) staff and Board of Directors your Stewardship and Development Team would like to thank you, our churches, for your generous financial support of the Conference. As we all know, COVID-19 continued to restrict our activities and posed an ongoing challenge as several of the crises we faced in 2020 carried over into 2021, leaving most, if not all, of us exhausted.  
Yet despite the ongoing turbulent waters, you contributed $3,484,442 to support the work of the SNEUCC and the national setting! We received contributions from 443 churches (76%), and the overall average contribution was $6,102. However, when we only consider the churches that made a contribution, the average increases to $7,871! The median contribution was $2,993.
Your generosity during this very challenging year is deeply appreciated! Because of it, we helped make God’s love and justice real and changed the lives of countless individuals in communities throughout southern New England. Please know that we are most grateful for your contribution as it enabled us to fulfill our Conference’s calling to make a difference in our churches’ and people’s lives, and it is never taken for granted!
In the second year of our Conference’s life, a time unprecedented in so many ways, we did far more working together than we ever could have done acting separately. By cooperating, we were able to magnify our individual resources so that we could better empower local congregations to provide life-changing ministries in their communities and live out the love and justice of Jesus.
For example, 22 congregations received Afghan refugee grants, the Conference, local churches, and CT Department of Health partnered to distribute COVID supplies,  grants of up to $50,000 were offered to congregations to help them in the work of racial justice and recover from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, an environmental justice Bible Study curriculum is now available, and we have been able to provide ongoing health information and guidance through our Minister for Health and Wellness Deborah Ringen.
The above represents just a fraction of the enormous resources we are able to provide to our churches, individual members of the body of Christ known as the SNEUCC, and the impact we are having on southern New England collectively. I strongly encourage you to see the many ways we are changing lives and living out our mission by exploring our website:
This past year was a one in which the abiding love of God was strongly felt in the connections of friendship and prayer within and among our congregations, and our commitment to living the love and justice of Jesus by: making disciples; loving and serving our neighbors, children, and all creation; seeking racial, economic, environmental, and LGBTQ justice; bringing new life as agents of change; and partnering with all who work for the common good.
Together, we will continue to support one another through these challenging times. Together, we will continue to respond to God’s call to mission and ministry. Together, we will continue to be spiritually united as the body of Christ known as the Southern New England Conference of the United Church of Christ. 

Thank you for your generosity and may God bless you and your church in your mutual ministry!

Your SNECUCC Stewardship and Development Team,
David Cleaver Bartholomew and Lee Gagen

Here is a special word of thanks from our Executive Conference Minister, Rev. Darrell Goodwin: 


david cleaver-barthalomew.jpg
David Cleaver-Bartholomew

Rev. Dr. David Cleaver-Bartholomew is the Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations for the SNEUCC. Contact David for:  Proportional Giving How to calculate proportional giving for 2021 Annual Giving/Stewardship Campaign General advice and ...

Lee Gagen

Lee is the Major Gift Officer, Common Services, Philanthropy for the national setting of the UCC.  (She was formerly the Director of Individual and External Donor Relations at the Southern New England Conference.)  

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