Reflecting on the end of the Olympics

Reflecting on the end of the Olympics

I imagine that many of you had an opportunity to view various Olympic competitions, openings, and closings in August. My daughter, Sarah, had five different Olympic channels running simultaneously throughout the 16 days and was able to tape and watch a wide variety. She claims to have watched at least 25 of the 34 different sports and has her own list of favorites (and not so favorites)!
There were some won derful moments when fellow athletes hugged one another, congratulated and cheered one another, and simply appreciated one anothers success and achievement. 

I was particularly touched by the special Olympic medal that was awarded to New Zealand's Nikki Hamblin by the International Fair Play Committee just before the end of the games. The International Fair Play Committee is a not for profit international non-governmental organization which serves to foster sportsmanship in international competition. 

This medal was presented to Nikki to recognize her show of sportsmanship for stopping to help out American athlete Abbey D'Agostino after they tripped one another up in one of the preliminary 5000 meter races. In true Olympic spirit, they helped each other out, and despite being banged up, they both completed and finished the race. 

Not only was Nikki's reaction (in the heat of the moment) the "right" thing to do for a fellow athlete, it was also an amazing demonstration of selfless caring and thoughtfulness towards another athlete. We don't see enough of that sort of selfless caring so it was particularly important that this event was recognized and celebrated. We need more stories about these sorts of good and decent responses in the face of adversity and challenge. It does a heart good! 

 Blessings to all...  
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