NOW is the Time to Call Your Legislator

NOW is the Time to Call Your Legislator

URGENT: Now is the time!
Ask Your State Representative to vote NO on all Casino Expansion Bills AND to support two Amendments to the Bills: to allow a referendum in East Windsor AND to require a societal impact study. The CT Legislature ends on June 7, in less than 2 weeks.

As your legislative advocate, I have been working on your behalf in opposition to two bills that would expand casino gambling in Connecticut, Senate Bill (SB) 957 and House Bill (HB) 7239.

SB 957, the bill which would allow a new casino to be built in East Windsor, passed our State Senate at 12:35 AM on May 24 by a vote of 24-12.  Senator Tony Hwang, our leader in the Senate issued the following statement:

"This has been a David vs. Goliath fight from the beginning.  The forces that want expanded gambling in Connecticut are extremely powerful.  I continue to stand with a diverse coalition of religious and grassroots groups who have joined me in the fight against expansion.  We are focused on the human consequences of gambling.  We believe that doubling down on the gambling industry ignores the significant and heartbreaking human and societal costs which would arise from addiction.  We believe that rolling the dice on casino expansion puts our state at risk for constitutional challenges by MGM or others under the equal protection clause.  We continue to believe that this policy is a bad bet, because it is chasing after a limited and declining pool of resources. Our focus remains on the people whose lives have been ruined by gambling addiction.  Our focus remains on preventing future addiction from taking hold and growing in our state." 

SB 957 could now be voted on at any time by the House of Representatives. We are asking everyone to help us stop this bill. HB 7239 would open up a bidding process for another casino to be built somewhere other than in East Windsor. We also need your help in opposing that bill.

Here's how you can help:
  1. Call and/or meet with your state Representative and let your Representative know that you want them to vote NO on SB 957 and HB 7239 and any other bill that expands casino gambling in Connecticut. Let them know you do not want any new casinos built in our state and ask them what THEIR position is on another casino in Connecticut. Email me at and let me know what your Representative said. I am logging this important information. I am also available to attend any meetings with you and your State Representative.

    ** If your State Representative is  opposed to Casino expansion, ask them if they would be willing to file and support two amendments to the bill: 1. An amendment that would require a referendum in East Windsor before the casino is built and 2. An amendment that would require an independent, non partial study of the economic and social costs to the state and whole region before deciding to go forward with another casino. Other states have done a study and stopped a casino from being built. CT has not done a societal impact study in over 10 years.

    If your Representative says yes to the above, or wants more information, please have them call me at 860-796-3822 or
 2) Share this message with every like-minded state resident you know and ask them to do likewise. We need as much support as possible to stop expansion of casino gambling in Connecticut.
Thank you for making your voice heard in the fight to protect our state from casino expansion. Click on either link here to find out who your State Representative is .   or
Visit for more information


Michele H. Mudrick

Michele Mudrick is the Legislative Advocate for the Southern New England Conference.   A Connecticut native, Michele has worked with the Christian Activities Council as a congregational organizer. She has also served in organizing or fundraising ...

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