Many Voices, One Mission: Ready, Set, Go

Many Voices, One Mission: Ready, Set, Go


We most often wake up in the morning knowing just how long it will take us to get ready for the day ahead.  Each of us has our own routine for getting out the door on time, and our trusty alarm clocks are set the night before to allow enough time for us to accomplish what we need to before the tasks of the day begin. 

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could set an alarm clock for the big things we need to prepare for?  If we knew exactly how much time we’d need not only for our days, but for our projects?  While we know there’s deadlines and event dates we can plan for with big projects, there’s always unexpected curveballs that alter our timeline of preparation.  How do we set the alarm to account for the unknown hurdles? 

The CTUCC office has been preparing for many things this year!  Our national denomination will host the 32nd General Synod this week.  Our Conference Minister’s Executive Assistant has been organizing our state’s delegates and all the registration details for months now!  The CTUCC Registrar and the Director of Youth and Young Adults have also been organizing many details for this event including keeping track of our youth delegates.  Our Digital Media Editor, our Regional Ministers, and many other members of our staff and board of directors will attend and work at this historic event, as well.  This General Synod will also be the event that determines whether our Conference will move forward with the Together As One resolution, a project that has taken years and has included input and work from all of us in the Conference. 

On another scale, our building on Sherman Street has been in a state of transition since last fall when our basement flooded.  It has taken many months and many hands to relocate the important items and rebuild all that was damaged.  This week, we will play a glorified game of Tetris as the final boxes are moved and the last pieces of furniture are set back into place.  It’s the 35th anniversary of Tetris this year, and that’s as long as it feels like it’s been since we’ve had full use of our basement level. 

Personally, I have entered my ninth month of pregnancy this week.  I have plenty to prepare in my office before I am mentally ready to step away from the job I love, even just for a few months.  I know there are bound to be those curveball moments in the coming weeks, and I still find myself wishing for that magic alarm clock that I can set to the perfect time to account for it all. 

Our faith as Christians reminds us that for everything there is a season.  Sometimes the seasons arrive sooner or later than we expect them to, and we must adjust to them.  I have seen this take place many times in our office, and the CTUCC staff does account for those unexpected struggles with grace. 

We don’t know everything about how our Together As One resolution will unfold, we don’t know what is inside of each box in our basement, and I don’t know when the baby will decide to arrive, so that magical project alarm clock is going to remain a fantasy for now.  I need to remember to fill those moments of preparation with wonder rather than worry, and have faith that the seasons to come will arrive just when they are supposed to.  It’s time to get ready!

Emily McKenna is the Office Manager for the CT Conference, UCC.
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Emily McKenna

Emily is the Program Support Associate for the Discipleship and Justice & Witness Teams of the Southern New England Conference.   Emily grew up in the Naugatuck Congregational Church UCC and at Silver Lake Conference Center, where she has served as ...

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