LGBT Asylum Task Force will Visit Churches

LGBT Asylum Task Force will Visit Churches

In the work of the LGBT Asylum Task Force, our Open and Affirming commitment combines with our desire to be an Immigrant Welcoming Church. And in the process, lives are saved. 

Members of the LGBT Asylum Task Force - a ministry of Hadwen Park Congregational Church in Worcester - are willing to visit your church and uplift, inspire and motivate your congregation to support their life-saving work. While the task force is located in Massachusetts, they will happily journey to Rhode Island and Connecticut as well. 

LGBT asylum seekers will share their stories with your congregation. It is riveting; it is sad; it is inspirational. The group will come to your church to speak for five minutes, or bring a preacher, music and stories and lead the service. Following worship, your church might plan a workshop/lunch so the congregation can hear from more asylum seekers, engage in a Q and A, and talk about what help is needed. All that is asked in return is to pass the offering plate at least once.

The LGBT Asylum Task Force ministry is housing and feeding any LGBT person who comes from the nearly 80 countries where it is illegal to be gay, and who is seeking asylum in the USA based on sexual orientation. The task force owns two large homes in Worcester and is presently housing 36 beautiful human beings, the only such organization in the world that offers this kind of support. It costs $50,000 a month to do this incredible work.

Here is a myth that needs to be busted: Once folks apply for asylum, it is only 180 days (by law) to get a work permit. But this is no longer true; due to the number of immigrants, the number of low bono or pro bono attorneys, and a poorly funded immigration system in the USA, some LGBT asylum seekers have waited two years (and more) just to be able to work. No one in need is turned away, but this change has greatly affected funding. Previously, some of the asylum seekers would only need support for a year or a year and a half. NOT so, any longer!

Learn more about the LGBT Asylum Task Force here. To schedule a visit your church, please contact Ministry Director Al Green and/or Pastor Judy Hanlon.

Thank you for all you do to Live the Love and Justice of Jesus!

SNEUCC Immigration, Refugee and Asylum Task Team


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Judy Hanlon

Pastor Judy Hanlon is pastor of Hadwen Park Congregational Church in Worcester, MA, co-founder of LGBT Asylum Task Force, and member of SNEC Immigration, Refugee & Asylum Task Team.

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