Korean Delegation Trip Day 3: The Importance of Cultural Exchange

Korean Delegation Trip Day 3: The Importance of Cultural Exchange

Editor's note: This is an update from one of the 10 Connecticut Conference delegates currently visiting the Republic of Korea (PROK). They are marking the 24th year of the partnership between the Conference and the Gyeonggi Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Korea.

The second day of our journey in Busan has us enjoying the skyline of Korea’s next largest city with a population of over 5 million. Hard to think of any comparable US cities with the view.
We next took a tram to Taejongdae resort Park. Getting there we could view a replica of the Washington Monument and many old buildings. The visibility which we might call “smog” was described as “gold sand” from China. We could view a close up.
Our bus travel provided a great opportunity for bonding our cultures. We sang songs familiar to us in our youth and the Koreans sang songs-many of the sadness of their past when occupied by Japan.
We shared with each other our thoughts - positive and negative - of this partnership journey; of the time given to us by the pastors away from their families and church work; and the importance of cultural exchange within host families.
Our day ended with a dinner provided by an elderly Korean grateful for bonds made when in the US with this partnership.

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Sue Johnson

Sue Johnson is a member of the Mystic Congregational Church UCC

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