Korean Delegation Trip Day 4: Celebrating a 21-year Partnership

Korean Delegation Trip Day 4: Celebrating a 21-year Partnership

Editor's note: This is an update from one of the 10 Connecticut Conference delegates currently visiting the Republic of Korea (PROK). They are marking the 24th year of the partnership between the Conference and the Gyeonggi Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Korea.

The four delegates from the Mystic Congregational Church, the Reverend Christa Swenson, Shinny Stone, Sue Johnson and Karin Stuart traveled especially to celebrate our partner church’s 50th anniversary of their founding. We have had a partnership for 21 years. We have shared  a youth exchange through the sacred youth journeys, had another delicious breakfast at our host homes, and we visited the largest Starfield shopping mall in South Korea. Lunch was held at a Chinese restaurant hosted by a church deacon. We visited the Center of International Peace and Human Rights Museum. It is a museum that aims to share the stories of women held as sex slaves during the Japanese occupation. We heard amazing, heartbreaking testimonies from the women. 
In downtown Seoul, 15 members of Dongbu Sunlin and our Mystic delegation were treated to a steak dinner by a church member at Heaven Sky café on the 10th floor overlooking the skyline of the Lotte  building complex. Exchange of gifts were given to the Mystic delegates.
Kam day hamnida for another blessed day in Hanam City.

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Karin Stuart

Karin Stuart is a member of the Mystic Congregational Church.

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