How to Care for Someone who is Sick with COVID-19

How to Care for Someone who is Sick with COVID-19

For many of us the Coronavirus pandemic has meant preparation, hand washing, covering your cough, social distancing, changes in daily routines of life.  For some it has meant illness ranging from minor aches and low-grade fever to high fever, and severe difficulty breathing.
How do we care for our self or our loved ones with symptoms mild and severe?

If you are sick, with a fever, shortness of breath, or just feeling unwell, stay home. Many people, and their loved ones are able to manage their illness at home.
Here are some tips from the CDC for someone who is sick and their caregiver:

Call your healthcare provider, or 911, if your symptoms get worse, and tell them you may have COVID-19. Emergency signs include:
  • Trouble breathing
  • Pain or pressure in the chest that does not go away
  • New confusion or not being able to wake up
  • Bluish tint to lips or face
If you have to go to the doctor, call them first for instructions.

Wash your hands frequently and stay away from other people in your home.

Use a separate bathroom if possible. If this is not possible, clean all surfaces with cleaning sprays or wipes after using the bathroom.

Clean all surfaces such as counters knobs, handles, tabletops etc. daily

If you must be around other people, try to maintain a six-foot distance and wear a facemask.

If the sick person cannot wear a mask, then the care provider should wear a mask or scarf over the nose and mouth if possible.

Do not touch your hands to your face, eyes, nose or mouth.

Do not share personal items like dishes, towels or bedding with others in your home.

According to the CDC, home isolation can end when the sick person has not had a fever for three days (72 hrs) AND symptoms have gotten better, AND it has been at least seven days since the first symptoms started. Always consult with your doctor for the best advice in your circumstances.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Home


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