At Such a Time as This

At Such a Time as This

 On July 1st I stepped into a new role as your Transitional Interim Conference Minister.  It was only one day after many of you had participated in rallies that echoed across the country calling out for compassion and justice for children. It was only a couple of weeks after many of you were part of an overwhelming vote to bring three conferences in southern New England into closer connection and collaboration. At such a time as this, we have a lot of work to do. Fortunately, we also have each other. And we have Christ. 

At our Annual Meeting, Traci Blackmon spoke of the Biblical image of the priests stepping into the unknown waters. It was part of the Exodus story. And it was necessary. The water would not part until the priests, bearing the Ark of the Covenant, first stepped into the water. They were unsure of how deep, or cold or turbulent, or strong the water and its current would be. They only knew to keep their eyes on God and take a step of faith.

At such a time as this, those words are true. And they have always been true. We can not step into the future, at any point of our lives, with certainty. We can only step with faith  It was that faith that brought you to the rallies. It was that faith that you shared with red voting cards. It is our faith in Jesus that always makes the future possible.

I am not fond of the unknown. I prefer the predictable. I have been privileged to walk with so many of you for over four decades in our conference. And you have taught me about stepping into those waters. You and Jesus. So I am willing, and I am looking forward to getting my feet wet with you. 

Blessings on our Christ journey,

The Rev. Don Remick is Transitional Interim Conference Minister for the Massachusetts Conference, UCC.


Don H. Remick

Don Remick is Bridge Conference Minister.

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