Environmental Justice Intern Lillian Steinmayer Available to Preach

Environmental Justice Intern Lillian Steinmayer Available to Preach


The world we live in is not separate from God’s world, but that world that is being exploited; a planet that is being thrown off balance. We live in a world where it is seventy degrees in November and there are ice storms in Texas. People’s homes are being destroyed and many are without fresh water. The actions we take to protect God’s creation are actions we take out of our faith and these actions, and the reasons we take them, need to be spoken from the pulpit and heard in the pews.

My name is Lillian Steinmayer and I’ve had the privilege of being the Environmental Justice intern for the SNEUCC. While studying biology in undergrad, I spent years learning about the world I live in in its smallest parts and its biggest patterns. Now as a MDiv student at YDS, my work now turns to looking at how these aspects of our creation speak to our Creator, and the role we must play in our world. 

The world that we have been given does not belong to us, it is a gift that we get to share, care for, and rejoice in. It is our job to speak these problems that are in our world and work together to find the ways that we can keep moving forward each day. Just as it is this time of year, as the days grow darker, the light we make has to grow brighter so that we can keep going. 

I am so excited to get the chance to meet people and speak with them about environmental justice and what it can mean to us as people of faith. I am available to guest preach and to offer after-worship conversations on environmental justice. I am available to come in-person to churches within an hour and 15 minutes of New Haven, or online, on Sundays from January 8th through May 14th. I look forward to hearing from you! You can reach me at lasteinmayer@gmail.com


Lillian Steinmayer

Lillian Steinmeyer is the environmental justice intern for the SNEUCC

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