Ensure All Voices are Heard

Ensure All Voices are Heard

Beloved Church,

I love rules. I like to think that my affinity for technical details and procedures is harmless, even charming. But I have recently been reminded that there are times when our rigid procedures – even those ostensibly intended to promote a fair, egalitarian process – keep us from hearing the people most affected by the issue at hand. Process matters. Who we listen to matters. Who has decision making power matters. How we relate to one another matters.
I live with extraordinary privilege because of my race, education, and family of origin, and my faith demands that I consider how I use that privilege. Do I keep quiet and maintain the status quo? Or do I speak up to say that a system where some voices (including mine!) are heard at the expense of others is both unjust and limits our ability to be fully in community?
As each of us discerns how we are called to use our various forms of privilege to foster community and usher in justice, I invite you to join me in supporting the Poor People’s Campaign, which over the coming weeks will focus on the following demands:
  1. End the filibuster (the rule that allows obstruction of legislation with 50 votes, but not 60)
  2. Pass all provisions of the For the People Act
  3. Fully restore the 1965 Voting Rights Act
  4. Raise the minimum wage to $15/hr.
These demands will help ensure that all voices are heard, paving the way for all other necessary change, including in the areas of economic and environmental justice. Ending the filibuster and restoring the Voting Rights Act will help dismantle white supremacy from our democratic system, bit by little bit. A $15 minimum is an affirmation that all workers deserve a livable wage.
You can sign the petition to the White House here, and you can use their calling tool to call your Senators. On Monday, July 26th, the Poor People’s Campaign will hold actions in many states. Details are still developing, so if you are not already connected with your local Poor People’s Campaign, email me at brewer-walline@sneucc.org for more information and to connect with other UCC folks taking part in these actions.


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Noah Brewer-Wallin

Noah serves as the Assistant Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at the Southern New England Conference. Noah supports congregations in making God’s love real through engagement in environmental and economic justice. Contact them for: ...

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