Election 2020: A Lot of Folks Are Nervous

Election 2020: A Lot of Folks Are Nervous

Its on every news channel.  It is all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram .  It pops up on your cell phone notifications. 

It is an election year unlike any other. 

And it has a lot of folks nervous. 

There are 3 areas that are generating a lot of angst, conversation and creativity within our Conference community. 
  1. Leading up to the election:  How do we ensure everyone has a safe, certain and equitable way to cast their vote?  How do we encourage folks to utilize their right to vote?
  2. On election day:  How do we support a free and fair election?  How could we offer ways to hold the election in prayer? 
  3. Following the election:  How do we support our congregation and community regardless of the outcome?  How can we be particularly attentive to people, especially people of color, who may have a real and heightened level of concern for their safety?  How can we respond in faithful action and prayer to any uncertainties in the results or reactions to them? 
First, let's acknowledge that this is hard.  There is already deep and cumulative stress of living in an ever-changing energy-draining pandemic world.  We use the word ‘bandwidth’ a lot because we don’t have much left.  There is little room in our lives for more stress and anxiety and fear. 

But there it is, no matter where we turn from social media, to news to parking lot (if you even leave the house) conversations. It is there in our echo chambers and in everyone else's.  And when all other voices and images are stilled, there it is within the conversation of your heart. 

We are a people of faith.  We are a people of love, and joy and hope.  You know these are not passive.  You know they invite us as much into prayerful waiting as they do into prayerful action.  

Your staff, weary as they are in this transitional year, are listening.  They are noticing where the concerns are rising.  They are paying attention to the conversations, questions and creativity that are emerging from among you. All of this is echoed throughout the UCC across the country.

We have been gathering resources and insights from among you and among our covenant partners.  We are placing them on our Conference website: sneucc.org/2020VoterResource    You’ll find resources and support for each of the three areas.  You’ll find liturgy and recommendations. You’ll find links to helpful organizations and guidance. 

We are updating this page regularly as election day approaches (and beyond), so keep checking back. 

And pass along your wisdom and ideas and insights. 

We are not alone.  We are not without hope.  We are the people of a risen Christ.


Don H. Remick

Don Remick is Bridge Conference Minister.

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