Disaster Preparedness should include an Emergency Pet Form

Disaster Preparedness should include an Emergency Pet Form


When we are faced with an emergency or weather event that mandates the evacuation from our homes, we often have very little to no time in which to gather and pack the items needed to make our stay in a shelter or the home of a family member or friend as manageable and stress-free as possible. That is why every member of the family is encouraged to have a “go kit” ready to, well, go.

Just as people should have “go kits,” our pets need “go kits,” as well.

Now that first responders have realized that people will not leave their homes if their pets are not able to evacuate with them, there have been increased efforts to create pet-friendly shelters. Unfortunately, these pet friendly shelters may not welcome those pets whose owners cannot provide proof of vaccinations and other important information. Plus, many of our pets require special food and medication, as well as toys that will help calm them in stressful situations.

The following form has information on how to create a pet “go kit.” We hope that you never have to use it.  Click here for the Emergency Pet Form.


Kim Jane Murphy

Kim Murphy is a member of the MACUCC Disaster Resource and Response Team.

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