Korean Delegation Trip Day 2: Travel and Culture

Korean Delegation Trip Day 2: Travel and Culture

Editor's note: This is an update from one of the 10 Connecticut Conference delegates currently visiting the Republic of Korea (PROK). They are marking the 24th year of the partnership between the Conference and the Gyeonggi Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Korea.

On Thursday, (April 19), we met early to leave for our overnight trip to Gyeongju and Busan in the Good Neighbor Community Bus with Rev. Bae, Rev. Choi, Rev. Lee, and Rev. Lim. We are sorry that Rev Kent could not come along with us since he was not feeling so well. We are keeping him in our prayers and know that Rev. Kim and Rev. Lee will take good care of him as he rests.
We did lots of singing while we traveled the highways and drove through many tunnels! Irene taught us the old Korean folk song "Arirang" that we will sing Monday at the presbytery meeting. 
One of the stops we made was the Yangdong Folk Village where nobility lived for many generations.
Shopping for gifts at the market in Busan showed us " Canal Street" Korean style.Tons of bargains!
Our presbytery partnership has strengthened this week as we get  to know and love one another, sharing time together, eating delicious meals, and learning so many things about the Korean people and the country's culture. The week has been wonderful! 

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Marilyn Tracy

Member of First Congregational Church of Granby.

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