Communications: One More Covid-19 Casualty

Communications: One More Covid-19 Casualty

The Pandemic Blow to Hearing
Co-vid 19 is a tough go for me and all those who have hearing challenges.  God bless us that we are wearing masks for everybody’s safety, but my do they wreak havoc on efforts to hear.  Masks can muffle speech.  Not only that, as many people are helped by reading lips with the masks there are no lips to see.  Clear masks are beginning to appear on the market, but so far I have seen little evidence of them in public.
Hearing problems are not necessarily solved by the talker speaking louder.  Time and again the issue is not the volume of the sound but the clarity of the speech and the rapidity of the language.  Enunciating clearly and slowly goes a long way to help a person with hearing loss, however slight.
Zoom meetings are a gift of God as in so many instances we can’t gather in public.  However, Zoom meetings generally just show the face, and at times even that is far away.  Since much of our communication is through body language without being able to see the body collapses one way for understanding.
The pandemic is hard on all of us.  No one is exempt.  Those of us with hearing liabilities, whether slight or major have special challenges.  I am not exaggerating to say it can be devastating not to be able to hear adequately.  You can feel frustrated, ignored, left out, and isolated.  It can even leave you angry at people and life in general.
We who are on the Conference Disabilities Ministries Team are aware of the challenges faced by those with disabilities, so we want to give you a head’s up particularly about those with hearing difficulties struggling to deal with the pandemic.  Please then, remember to speak clearly and slowly.  It will be a gift to all of us.
Rev. Jim Silver, a retired Pastor, is a member of the SNEUCC Disabilities Ministry Team.



Jim H. Silver

Rev. James Silver is a retired UCC pastor who lives in Middletown and worships at First Church of Christ.  He is a member of the Disabilities Ministry Team and an Annuitant Visitor. Jim is also the Prayer Station pastor at our wider church meetings!

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