Coaching Plus Healthy Communications: Does a Successful Conversation Make

Coaching Plus Healthy Communications: Does a Successful Conversation Make


Coaching Plus Healthy Communications: Does a Successful Conversation Make
 June 7, 2018
Edwards House in Framingham
Led by the Rev. Dr. Claire Bamberg

According to the Harvard Business review: “One of the most powerfully motivating conditions people experience is making progress at something that is personally meaningful.” In “church-speak” one could say that one of the most powerfully meaningful experiences is making progress and fulfilling who God intends us to be on a level that gets to the core of our being. If your role in your ministry setting involves leading others, the implications are clear: the most important thing you can do each day is to help your team members, (i.e. staff), the members of your congregation,  and people who sojourn in your ministry setting experience progress in meaningful and productive work on behalf of fulfilling God’s mission and vision.

To accomplish this it is important to be able to help build connections between each person’s work and the organization’s mission and vision, to provide feedback, and help each person learn and grow on an ongoing basis and to transform, deeply and surely the inevitable conflict situations that will arise in meaningful work. Learning how to communicate (yes, there is an art to this and we do not do it well in “regular” conversations), learning to use a coaching tone and learning how to approach coaching conversations - all are indispensable.

As those in ministry know only too well, congregational life is an ever-changing phenomenon, complete with its own developmental stages and predictable stages of growth (some might indeed note these as “growing pains”). 
Rev. Dr. Claire  Bamberg

This past December, The Rev. Dr. Claire Bamberg presented a version of Coaching Plus Healthy Communications: Does a Successful Conversation Make” to the Massachusetts Conference Community of Practice facilitators and received rave reviews along with a request for a Part 2 which happened in April. Participants left with tools that were relevant and immediately adaptable within their congregations and their personal lives. One participant who works in a specialized ministry setting sent this comment within days of the workshop:

“Claire's presentation was great and gave me a lot to chew on.  I shared some of what we covered with my co-workers.  We work with people who have significant behavioral issues, which can disrupt the community. They were open to it and found it helpful in a recent situation."

The Rev. Dr. Claire Bamberg is offering this program on June 7, 2018, at Edwards House in Framingham.
In this four-hour workshop, the Rev. Dr. Bamberg, LMFT, PCC will present and lead participants through material designed to expand communication skill sets in the following areas:
  • Conflict transformation
  • Powerful questions
  • Leadership development
  • Systems Theory
Come with specific questions and current dilemmas about which Claire will take questions and with which she will work.

Take Aways from this event:
  • A deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the church change cycle
  • Different/supplemental communication techniques for a spectrum of situations - Conflict management skills
If this resonates with you, and your ministry setting, invite authorized ministers, faith formation leaders, Christian Educators and lay leaders and encourage them to attend this important workshop.

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