#UCCSynod: Challenges to Light a Fire

#UCCSynod: Challenges to Light a Fire

Monday Post

There have been many references to fire during Synod.  Pentecost.  The burning bush. Challenges to light a fire for this cause or that cause - all deserving our serious attention - mine and yours.
Did you know that 150 miles north if Milwaukee is the site of the fire that still stands as the highest loss of life fire in the history of our country?  2500 lives lost in one fire.  A forest fire.  Everyone in the town if Peshtigo, Wisconsin died in that fire.
Why have so few people in any gathering heard about the Peshtigo fire? 
Because it occurred on the same day as The Great Chicago Fire, which “only” claimed 250 lives, but caused many times more dollar damage than the burning of the entire town of Peshtigo.
6:15 am - time to head on down to breakfast and to find out who our guest speakers are. 

Saturday Post

What a fantastic TA1 delegates' breakfast and program this morning!  Yes, there are two 5:30’s every day, even on Saturdays, the necessary get up time for breakfast - this from the perspective of a retired person. 
What better way to enjoy breakfast than with an engaging conversation with our UCC General Minister and President, who came “to pump us up” about TA1 and the future its holds for us “locals” and the wider church.
Whoops - it’s time to head over to the Wisconsin Center for Plenary 3 to continue the work of General Synod. 
Enjoy your day back home!


John Sharland

John Sharland is a member of the Central Square Congregational Church in Bridgewater, MA.

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