Communities of Practice Provide Support and Learning

Communities of Practice Provide Support and Learning

We'd like to extend an invitation to those of you who are faith formation and youth ministry leaders serving in the local church setting to consider joining a Community of Practice!

A recent survey conducted by members of our Faith Formation Ministry Team regarding our current Communities of Practice for lay leaders serving in faith formation and youth ministry positions is filled with positive impact statements about the useful nature of these small group experiences to new and seasoned leaders alike. As a well developed activity, Communities of Practice (CoP) are groups with a long and well documented history of success for clergy and lay leaders alike. The Southern New England Conference wants to be sure that you know these groups are formed and forming for lay leaders employed in the local church setting in the formational ministries of the church. We hope this information will invite your discernment about whether or not joining a CoP is right for you!

Those leaders who are currently involved give the experience high praise for the impact these groups have on their ministry. Overall the leaders involved express sincere gratitude for the sacred spaces that our trained facilitators create and for the meaningful, honest, and often energizing conversations that take place each month.
Leaders have offered impact statements such as:
  • "It's made me so much better at my job!"
  • "Gathering together and building relationships has enriched my commitment to Children's Ministries". 
  • "The support and creativity of this group has been immensely helpful to me in forming my identity as a minister. My programming has also benefited from our sharing of ideas and brainstorming."
Each meeting has a similar pattern of gathering in shared devotion or worship time, time to check-in with one another and build community, time to engage in conversation regarding an idea, concept, best practice, or some aspect of the work the gathered group has in common and a time for looking ahead to future meetings to explore new ideas or insights the group would like to cover. Each group is united in a covenant the group creates that guides member participation in healthy boundaries for participation in the group and for keeping confidentiality. These groups are created to be open and safe spaces. 

More essential details of a group can be found in the invitation linked here and in the description sheet linked above. We hope your interest will be piqued in reading these brief documents and that you'll want to join a group! The good news is that this is an opportunity the SNEUCC makes accessible to all.

For more information or to ask questions or seek clarifications, you may contact Karen Ziel at anytime.
Karen's information can be found here in our staff directory. 

Join others who are finding the goodness of mutual ministry to be an effective way to grow their leadership!



Karen E. Ziel

Karen Ziel is the Assistant Director of the Center for Transformational Leadership (CTL) at the Southern New England Conference.  She can help congregations and their leaders with tools and resources for assessment and discernment.  As a member of ...

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