It is amazing how much has been packed into a little more than 24 hours:

Kids playing in the aisle...the rooster crows for Saturday church "Wake up the person on your left" so you can hear this budget moment one more time.
Write your representative for youth on the streets
"Say grace already"    
Good Carrot cake...but what happened to the decaf   Ameni
Tornados swirling destroying still...
    Steeples standing tall again....rainbows reign
    Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain    Ameni
Pastoral Excellence;   practices, prepares, prevails
Christian Educators; certified to form faith for the fragile and fearless   Ameni
First the bad news, the church of Jesus Christ is in terrible shape
    the pain of seeing too clearly
    a 9 pound sparrow walking down the street afraid to risk flying
    Yeast,  Bread,  Leavened, encrypted, corrupted, subversive
    Off White, Linen White, OR Pearl White
    revolutionary to resolutionary -- a tamed Gospel
    Operation Homage.    Oh No He's Back.  Seasonal Themes
    Non compliant with principalities and powers
    Non compliant with "We've never done it that way before."
    The Surgeon General has determined that Easter may be hazardous to your health.  Be warned     Ameni
That Underground Church:   "This might get the church in a lot of trouble" ... "We can only hope!"
A teacher in a class that is 90% poor.  500,000 miles Hope's two daughters: anger and courage Statistics are numbers, faces, with the tears wiped away One Day,  One Day, One Day
A farewell full of feeling, a release full of remembrance   Ameni
"Then there was evening and morning; the Second Day
A paralytic has his sins forgiven...fear released...walking healed
    Dangerous and Subversive, again it lives
    Take up your prophetic pallet and change the world    Ameni
Ellie installed
Plenary begins with plentiful salads an hour before lunch Speak quickly before the bell rings
Pithy, Powerful and Passionate speakouts    Ameni
Budgets Born
Compensation Confirmed
Ministerial Aid maximizes assistance    Ameni
Can we get better?    Yes, with depth, courage and bridge-building
Commissions transformed to Councils working collaboratively, cooperatively in coordination and communication An evolution in our ministry with latino and latina brothers and sisters
    building on the foundation of the past
    reflecting the trends of the present
    encuentra - a finding of each other      Ameni
Wrapped ourselves in rainbow scarves that love and grace may triumph over bullying and violence    Ameni
He who plays well with others
    Calling out names of the visionary prophets who shaped our lives
    From preaching to meddling
       Who are we?
       Who is our neighbor?
       What is God Calling us to do and to be?
       RISKING VISION       Ameni
       Not    A     Problem
      Grateful for staff coming and going     applause abounds
      Courageous firsts
          A Torah and a Crucifer cross the finish line, reclaiming public space, holy space
      No Limit to what we can accomplish in God      Ameni
"Peter, we give God thanks for you and your gifts."
    and that turtle on the stump
Warm greetings from Chile....Gloria A Dios
Churches going Green
The media linked to Us    Voices amplified
    25% of your time, your pastor's time, spent outside the walls of your church with the 'Nones"
Morally wrong to wreck the planet or profit from it
Life's cycles leaving legacies carrying ministry forward      Ameni
Songs have been sung
Prayers whispered
Praise shouted
Silence held    Ameni
What are you Bringing Home
What difference will it make
"The Lord answered me and said, Write the vision: make it plain on tablets, so that a runner may read it."


Don H. Remick

Don Remick is Bridge Conference Minister.

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