Responding to the trauma with love

Responding to the trauma with love


In light of the horrific events in Boston on Patriot's Day, we all must open our hearts and share our prayers for those who were lost, hurt, their families and their friends. Scripture teaches us about an incarnate God. Through us God will be with everyone who suffers, through even the deepest grief and loss, such as that caused by this horrific attack during the Boston Marathon. Love is expressed through each of us. Love is shared when we respond, pray, help, care. It will be our heads, hearts, hands, feet, eyes, ears, lives that will make it so. Love wins!

At  the end of the Civil War, the Secretary of War asked President Abraham Lincoln if they didn't need to get rid of their enemeies.  Lincoln replied, “Do we not get rid of our enemies when we make them our friends?”

The Bible encourages, teaches and invites us to ‘love our enemies’ and so as and if we are able, we also pray for those who are responsible and for those who caused this terrible violence.

There are several resources available for us who have children, or who work with and care deeply about children and want to help them navigate through this terrible time.

Here is a link: There is also information on this Disaster Resource Page - scroll down for information on providing help to children.

May we all find strength and hope in God and in the bonds of love in our families, friends and our beloved church family. May God grant each of us grace, peace and faith in the days to come.

Shalom with love,

Elsa Marshall
MACUCC Resource Center Director
Commissioned Minister of Christian Faith Formation and Youth Ministry, Maple Street Church, Danvers



Elsa M. Marshall

Elsa Marshall previously served as the Resource Director and Associate for Christian Faith Formation and Youth Ministry.

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