The excitement of Synod

The excitement of Synod


By Frank Groggett
Pastor of the First Church in Ludlow, UCC
Synod Delegate

There is an excitement when attending Synod! Being able to see and talk with people whom I have had little contact since moving from Florida has been exhilarating. Listening to their stories and hearing of their work, gives great meaning and new life.

Beginning to get caught up with four of my seminary classmates, a number of peers from Vermont, Maine, Florida and beyond gives me more than enough reason to be in Tampa.

The music, the preaching, the changes in how the UCC will operate, the scale of sound and meaning in worship, the diversity of people, the level of commitment seen in the people who are presenting and leading the Synod is refreshing.

Today, Sunday, is a day of meetings and worship. I sang in the synod choir for the fifth Synod. The two pieces are complex, but had enthusiasm and diverse harmonies that resonated in the hall at Worship time.

Yesterday at lunch time I was eating at a stand up table when Max joined me. He is a pediatric chaplain at the Yale - New Haven Hospital. He and his wife recently lost twins. We had something to talk about! We had never met.

I have encountered new people with ideas that challenge our United Church of Christ and the challenge is refreshing as they tell of their journey and explain what is important to each of them and this church.

The committee for resolutions of which I am a part hammered out the resolution “For Mindful and Faithful Eating” this morning and it will go to the whole Synod for ratification sometime in the next two days..

Tonight there are more meetings to inform us of the changes that are proposed in governance for the UCC.

God Speed,
Frank Groggett



Frank Groggett

Frank Groggett is Pastor of the First Church in Ludlow, UCC.

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