A new way of doing ministerial profiles to launch in 2014

A new way of doing ministerial profiles to launch in 2014



For many years our national UCC has been hearing feedback from pastors and churches on their ministerial profile.  Folks have been looking for something that is simpler, shorter and more flexible, while still retaining the thoroughness and proper review of information.  
For the last couple years MESA (UCC Ministerial Excellence, Support and Authorization) have been working with the feedback and new technologies to redesign the ministerial profile. 
A new way of doing ministerial profiles will be launched early in 2014.  During the month of December the MESA staff will be meeting with Conference Staff across the country to offer some orientation and training in the new profile.  As we all become more familiar with it we will be offering orientation to pastors and Members in Discernment around this profile.
In this moment there are a couple of things we want to pass along:
  1. The current profile will continue to be usable and will continue to be distributed throughout the next 18 months (or the length of the validity of the current Oxford Document Background Check)   For this coming year we will be distributing both the current and the new profile to churches who are in the Search Process.
  2. You can find more information and updates at the following website: http://www.ucc.org/ministers/profile/
  3. You can download a PDF with more information here: Ministerial Profile Portal.
Stay tuned for more information.
Don Remick, for the Search and Call team of MACUCC


Don H. Remick

Don Remick is Bridge Conference Minister.

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