The White House is Calling

The White House is Calling


Faith communities are an integral part of the disaster response. We know that from the aspect of spiritual care that churches provide. We also know that the congregation often includes folks deeply connected into the neighborhoods. Did you also know that the local, state and federal government see churches as key participants in their protocols for disaster response?

Below are two links that give you some ideas of how churches can be better prepared to respond to disasters both as a people of faith and as part of the larger response protocols.

We encourage our pastors and church leaders to bring this information into a larger conversation with the leadership and membership of their congregation. It may also be a helpful conversation with the ecumenical and interfaith community as well as your local community leaders.

For the Disaster Resource Team
Don Remick
Jim Tilbe

House of Worship Guidebook to Developing Emergency Operations Plans, newly released by the White House.

Local Church Disaster Preparedness and Response Planning Guidelines, from the United Church of Christ.




Don H. Remick

Don Remick is Bridge Conference Minister.

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