Covenant is God's glue that keeps us together

Covenant is God's glue that keeps us together


"What is it that holds people together even in the midst of all kinds of differences? When folk in the United Church of Christ talk about how they relate—to God, to each other, other churches, other religions, even creation—they often use the word "covenant." It's God's good glue that keeps us together. (The Living Theological Heritage of the United Church of Christ, Vol 7, 772-776).

Covenant is indeed so central to whom we are as a denomination, a conference and local churches. One of the many ways the Massachusetts Conference seeks to nurture the covenant among our churches is through making available many opportunities for clergy and laity to come together for worship, learning and networking. 
All are invited to celebrate our shared covenant at Super Saturday on March 3 at Ludlow High School where together we will experience dynamic worship led by Patrick Evans, Assistant Professor of Sacred Music at Yale Divinity School, share stimulating workshops led by a variety of clergy and laity from our Massachusetts congregations, as well as network and break bread together.
Our covenant is sustained as we go about sharing best practices involving all facets of church life. So at Super Saturday you will find ways to enhance singing and music in your service of worship, have a chance to explore the possibility of adding a second worship service or help lay folks feel more comfortable in leading corporate prayer. At Super Saturday you’ll find best practices around leading a capital campaign, inspiring greater generosity in your congregation or talking about faith and money through sermons and testimonies. Super Saturday will provide the opportunity to hear testimonies about crazy optimism, the glass being half full, a new model of church that encourages “discipleship” not “membership,” as well as creative ideas for leading youth worship or Bible study. Colleagues in ministry will share stories of trying to wrap their head around being a person of faith in our current political climate or trying to make sense of the struggles of Palestinians and Israelis or GLBT persons abroad. 
Register today for Super Saturday! Go to to see a complete listing of the 33 excellent workshops and many opportunities the day will afford. Super Saturday will be a great day to celebrate our covenant and be around other UCC folks who are passionate about ministry. 


Martha Cook

Martha Cook is the Massachusetts Conference Resource Center Director.

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