What Kind of Church are you?

What Kind of Church are you?


By Paul Nickerson
Associate Conference Minister for Evangelism, Vitality and New Church Starts

One Minnesota church, in describing itself, said there were only two kinds of churches in this world. In working with congregations all over the country, I have found their statement to be true.

One type of church is a “bib” church. When we put on a bib we say, “Feed Me”. Bib churches say the “church exists to serve me and my family and meet our needs”. It’s all about me and mine.
Look at this video to get the idea: http://youtu.be/8XHkMPA1334.

The other type of church learns to take off its bib and put on an “apron”. When we wear an apron we learn, as the Gospels remind us time and time again, that we find life by serving others. Apron churches reach out into the community and make a difference.
Look at this video to get the idea: http://youtu.be/XIU0XKG1lMM .

So what kind of church are you? What would you like to be? What would it take for you to move from a “bib” church to an “apron” church? Share your thoughts and reflections in the comment section below (comments will be posted after being seen by a moderator).


Paul Nickerson

Paul Nickerson formerly served as the Associate Conference Minister for Evangelism, Church Vitality and New Church Starts.

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