Flashy Synod

Flashy Synod


By Ian Tosh
Moderator, First Church Somerville, UCC
General Synod Delegate

In the welcome remarks here is Tampa we were told that the word Tampa is somehow related to all of the lighting storms they have here. The flashes were not coming only from the sky last night.

Last night around dinnertime, an open-air mall near the convention center was turned into a dance performance, as the UCC Flash mob exploded. Lots of Synod goers expressing, publicly, their pride in their church, and their love of Christ. Very Fun!

Similarly, following our morning business meeting today, one could here singing which grew louder, and called people to a table arranged with communion. A group of pastors blessed and served communion to hundreds of us, said a quick prayer and disbursed. Very moving!

Lastly, on a personal note, I had the opportunity to share a meal with an old friend and a new friend and talk about the struggles and joys in their churches, then watched the sky light up with flashing lighting, as I heard passionate theological teachings, and debate from another old friend. Very provoking.

All of these flashes of experience were not things I had planned to be a part of my Synod in Tampa, but sometimes the Holy Spirit has a different plan.

Still hooked!



Ian Tosh

Ian Tosh is Moderator of the Southern New England Conference and a member of First Church in Somerville, MA.  

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