A response to the shootings in Colorado

A response to the shootings in Colorado


First we need  to express our deep concern for the families of those who died and for those who were wounded on Friday at the movie theater in Colorado. God's heart and ours ache for lives cut short - families torn apart - promising futures left unwritten. We join a city, a state and a nation that mourn yet another senseless tragedy. 

Then we need to once again confront the reality that ours is a country where protecting the right to own a gun overrules any kind of common sense  gun control. That lack of control allowed James Holmes to purchase four guns and 6,000 round of ammunition legally.One of those guns is capable of getting off 50 - 60 rounds in 1 minute.   

Yes we need to pray for the  dead - the wounded - the grieving.  But we also need to  say to the NRA, members of our congregations,  politicians and any one who puts weapon possession over all else that enough is enough. No one needs four guns, 6,000 rounds of ammunition or the capacity to get off 60 rounds in a minute. 


Peter Wells

Peter Wells is the Associate Conference Minister serving churches and clergy in the Central and Hampshire Assocations and the Coordinator of Mission and Justice programs.

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