Before I go...

Before I go...


By Ivy Tillman
Member of the First Congregationl Church, Amherst, UCC
Synod Delegate

A great number of tasks were completed today, not completely without confusion, but we made it through all of the votes. There were so many, many moments when the Synod lived into the core values of the church, passing several resolutions, one of which, as a thankful person noted was "not only changing lives, but saving them."  As we went about our work, I made sure that I, as best I could, understood what we, as the church and as individuals, were asked to do.  I have made annotations on each resolution to say whether I felt there was an action I could take and what it might be.  I do not think there is any way I can do it all, but I am sure I will be able to do one.  Then maybe I can do another, and maybe another, and, wait-- imagine what might be possible.

I think I might have gotten my hug back.  Today I hugged anyone who asked for one-- there were several folk running around with signs on cards or on shirts.  For the first time in a long time, a hug did not feel like an invasion.  What a takeaway from Synod.

I heard new songs this week, including tonight.  I want to sing them.

UCC youth and young adults were IMPRESSIVE today!

I know there was more-- I hope some one else will talk about those things.  I have learned so much and found inspiration, and hope.  I have had joy in being around people.  I hope that the things I've taken away today will stay with me for awhile.  I'm gonna work on it.

Thanks for listening!


ivy tillman

Ivy Tillman is a member of the First Congregationl Church, Amherst, UCC.

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