Suncoast Saturday

Suncoast Saturday


By The Rev. Ray Medeiros
Pastor of the United Church of Bernardston
Synod Delegate

Today is “Suncoast Saturday,” a day long experience of music, workshops and speakers, all designed to enrich our ability to “imagine what is possible” with God. The day began early with the Mass. delegation meeting together over breakfast for worship, fellowship and sharing some of our insights and experiences at Synod thus far. Leonard Pitts, Jr., a syndicated columnist for the Miami Herald and our keynote speaker, delivered an inspiring message that encouraged us to imagine God’s extravagant possibilities for us, and to stretch beyond our pragmatic doubts and fears of failure. Even when we fail to achieve all the possibilities that we have imagined (as many great people before us have done, and as we are bound to do) we will have accomplished important goals. As Leonard reminded us, “reach for the moon and you might land among the stars.”

Most of the remainder of the day offered opportunity to attend workshops on a broad range of topics. Whether it is Suncoast Saturday at General Synod or Super Saturday closer to home, I often face the same dilemma about which workshops to attend. Do I go to the ones that appeal to my personal interests or needs; or do I attend the workshops that offer information that would be potentially beneficial to my congregation? Then there are times when those two interests are conflated. That was the case today. I found myself drawn to workshops led by Anthony Robinson and Eric Liu that shared a common theme of congregational leadership during times of transformation; a subject that that speaks to the present needs of my congregation even as it enriches my imagination for leadership among them.


Ray Medeiros

Reverend Ray Medeiros is recently retired after serving UCC churches in Bernardston and Westminster, Massachusetts.

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