Excitement builds looking through General Synod Advance Materials

Excitement builds looking through General Synod Advance Materials


By Ian Tosh
Moderator, First Church Somerville, UCC
General Synod Delegate

I will be leaving this afternoon to head to Tampa for General Synod 28!  I love many things about Synod and you will hear about some of them here.  I do love getting to see old friends, and I love the worship (it is like no other worship I get to participate in), AND I also LOVE the work that we do.  Resolutions, motions, meetings, love it all!

One part of this work together is reading over the Advance Materials (available here).  These are pieces describing the way things will work where we will stay, what the schedule is, etc.  They also contain all of the items that the delegates to General Synod will be considering.

This year there will again be changes to the Constitution and By-Laws for the delegates to consider.  These will be pretty big changes for the national setting of the church, but we will get to those in another post.  With these changes I again had the opportunity to read through the Constitution and By-Laws of the UCC.  If you have not read them recently, you might consider it, and you might also preach them from your pulpits.

These are sacred texts, and they tell our story of the Still Speaking God working in our churches and in our lives.  From this construct - spiritual beliefs in a lawyerly language - flows the peace, justice, and theology that makes up all of the resolutions we will consider in the next week.

I have enjoyed my advance materials, and I am looking forward to the Synod!


Ian Tosh

Ian Tosh is Moderator of the Southern New England Conference and a member of First Church in Somerville, MA.  

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