Hope for the Now

Hope for the Now

An Open Letter written to Mt. Carmel Congregational Church in Hamden by Young Adult General Synod Delegate Carly Chervenak

To All of my congregation, 

Times, hearts, and minds are changing-it's clear to see. We must catch up with God. This world can be cruel and harmful-leaving people with no hope. We, as a congregation, must give ALL the greatest hope of all- God. When I say ALL, I mean ALL. It is my hope that we may become open and affirming to all who enter our doors seeking hope and faith. After all, God's doors are open to EVERYONE.

I hope that the youth may prosper and be the NOW instead of THE FUTURE. I hope that our hearts and minds can open even more to all of God's creation. I hope we reach out further than just our Church by helping our town, state, country, and foreign lands. God has blessed me and all of us with this wonderful life and congregation and we must in return bless this earth he gave us. Thank you, 



carly chervenak photo.jpg
Carly Chervenak

Carly Chervenak is a member of Mt. Carmel Congregational Church in Hamden, CT  

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