What is Possible When People Work Together for a Common Purpose

What is Possible When People Work Together for a Common Purpose

This past Saturday over 700 people came together at Minnechaug Regional High School in Wilbraham. We worshiped together, sang together, learned together, shared conversations over lunch, visited with vendors. We were challenged, provoked and inspired by Brian McLaren’s message and 52 other workshops.

Those who attended this Super Saturday may not have realized something different was going on behind the scenes. To them I say:
Super Saturday registration table
Connecticut and Massachusetts Conference staff working the registration table together.
The people who greeted you in the parking lot and hallway, who handed you your purple folder, who registered you on site, who led the children’s program, who ushered at opening worship, helped you find the coat room, the restroom and the cafeteria and your workshop classroom -- they were from the three Conferences currently discerning a new future. Workshops were presented by people from those same three conferences. I pray your soul was nourished and that you went home with information that helps you and your church move forward with purpose and vitality.

What you experienced Saturday would not have been possible if we, the Massachusetts Conference, did it alone. Without staff and volunteers from the Connecticut and Rhode Island Conferences assisting with the hundreds of moving parts of Super Saturday it would have been chaos. With their support and generous spirits we were able to extend an extravagant welcome that is awe inspiring. We were a real-time example of how communities of faith can, and need to continue to, work together for a higher purpose. 2000 years ago, Jesus’ love knew no boundaries or turf. On Saturday, March 18, 2017, the boundaries of what we call conferences melted and we transitioned from members of the CTUCC, RICUCC and MACUCC, to a community of God’s children. Thanks be to God!
For those unable to be at Super Saturday, along with those of us who would like to experience it again, Brian McLaren’s worship message and workshop were videotaped and will soon be available on all three Conference websites. I encourage you, and your congregations, to set aside a few hours to watch. You will be challenged, provoked, inspired and filled with hope for the days ahead.  There is much to be done. Let’s get to work!

Read more about the proposal for the three Conferences to form a new Conference.



Ellie Richardson

Ellie is responsible for the Pastoral Excellence Program and for clergy and lay leadership training. Administrative Assistant for Lay Leadership Development is Ms. Cindy Bolton, 508-875-5233, ext 237, boltonc@sneucc.org. Administrator for Clergy ...

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