Peace on Earth

Peace on Earth

We are at the darkest time of year for our area. 9 hours of light compared with 15 hours of dark. Every person goes through light and dark seasons in their lives; sometimes this coincides with the seasons of our sun and sometimes it doesn't. Neither light nor dark is more right or correct than the other; both are necessary for our health. We need up times and down times, happy times and sad times. It is the fullness of life's experiences that make us whole. God is God of the dark and of the light. If you have access to a copy of the New Century Hymnal, take a look at "A Litany of Darkness and Light" #880.
 As Christians, we don't wait until the days are getting longer to celebrate New Year. Instead, we begin our New Year at the end of November when the darkness is increasing. When the darkest days are coming upon us, we celebrate the hope of a new year, of the new possibilities that are there, even in the dark.
Perhaps your life is going great right now, the stars have aligned and it's never been better - hallelujah! Perhaps nothing is going right, there isn't enough time or money and there's too much sadness or anger - peace be with you. Perhaps your life is just dull, you are going through the motions, it's not great and it's not bad - may you be surprised with wonder.
With his permission, I adapted a statement of faith written by Brian Wren. I invite you to say it out loud:
Because Jesus was born of a peasant woman,
I know that God takes notice, and knows my name, and loves us all.
Because Jesus was visited by shepherds,
I know that God forgives me, and hears my name, and loves us all.
Because Jesus was visited by wise people,
I know God cares about me, and speaks my name, and loves us all.
Because Jesus is God in human form,
I know God thinks I'm lovely, and sings my name, and loves us all.
Because Jesus lived and died, and lives with God and says, "I am with you all the time,"
I know that God is near me, and calls my name, and loves us all.
May you feel the warmth of God's love no matter the emotional season you are experiencing.
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