Help Make UCC Voices Heard at the State Capitol

Help Make UCC Voices Heard at the State Capitol

Now, more than ever, we need our voices heard.

The good news is that here in Connecticut, we can make that happen.

The Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ is made up of 237 churches and approximately 66,000 people across the state of Connecticut.

There are 187 State Legislators (36 State Senators and 151 State Representatives - find yours at

That is fewer than one legislator per church.

What if each State Legislator had a relationship with at least one member of a UCC church in the state? Imagine the impact!  
My part-time ministry as your Legislative Advocate seeks to advance the public policy agenda of CTUCC.  The agenda is determined by the Resolutions passed at the Annual Meetings of the Conference. You can see what some of those policy issues are on our Economic Justice page. 

Establishing relationships with State Representatives and State Senators is very important in this work. They want to hear from me and, more importantly, from YOU, the constituent.  Together we can make it happen.

If you feel called to be that person to call or email your State Representative or State Senator when there is an issue important to CTUCC, please join the new CTUCC Advocate Corps,

What will you be asked to do?  Between 5 and 10 times during a Legislative session, I will contact you and ask you to call and email your Senator and Representative to ask them to take a particular action on a bill. I will provide you with a fact sheet on the issue, and a script for what you can say or write. I will also ask you to try to get five other friends or church members to do the same. I will be by your side during this whole process.

Use this form to join the CTUCC Advocate Corps

When I worked for the Blood Bank of Hawaii many years ago, I was responsible for making sure we had 200 donors a day to satisfy hospital needs. We found the main reason people donated blood was because someone personally asked them to. Not from an email, not from social media, but someone personally asked them to donate. If you are reading this note and do not feel personally called to be a CTUCC contact to reach out to your State legislators, do you know someone you can ask that may be interested? 



Michele H. Mudrick

Michele Mudrick is the Legislative Advocate for the Southern New England Conference.   A Connecticut native, Michele has worked with the Christian Activities Council as a congregational organizer. She has also served in organizing or fundraising ...

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