Barbara's Blurb for May 20, 2015

Barbara's Blurb for May 20, 2015

Reading Changes Lives is a current national United Church of Christ initiative to improve reading literacy.  It is a justice issue that one in five adults here in the United States (20%) lack reading skills beyond a fourth grade level. As you have read there are several ways that you and your church can help our neighbors learn how to read.

One way is through the Service Project at Synod in Cleveland, Ohio in late June when 1000 backpacks for elementary school age children will be prepared.  United Church of Christ churches across the country are collecting school supplies to help the STUFF THE PACK effort at Synod!

We have several Rhode Island folks traveling to Synod by car who have agreed to carry any school supplies that we collect and take them to Cleveland saving us the expense of shipping them. So feel free to donate as much as you are able.

The list of requested materials may be seen on the RI Conference website or accessed though the link listed next to the backpacks above. If you or your church plan to collect supplies, please bring them to the Conference Office before Monday, June 22, 2015 or call the office if they need to be picked up from your church.

Those who attended the Spring Rhode Island Conference Meeting at Riverside Congregational Church were very generous at the offertory time and contributed nearly $500.00 for this STUFF THE PACK effort. The RI Conference will send a check in this amount to the National Offices in Cleveland so that additional materials may be purchased for the backpacks that will be distributed to children in the fall. Please consider this project as an initiative that your church might engage with in the coming weeks!
Barbara Libby
Interim Conference Minister
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