Barbara’s Blurb for Week of March 25, 2015

Barbara’s Blurb for Week of March 25, 2015

“For New England Lay and Clergy Worship Leaders” (Matthew 6:25).

Here’s a wonderful poem written by a UCC poet and pastor – Rev. Maren Tirabassi. Rev. Maren posted this on Facebook and gave me permission to share.

For New England Lay and Clergy Worship Leaders (Matthew 6:25)
Therefore I tell you,
do not worry about the weather
whether it will snow one more time
or the sun will reach fingers
of light and heat
for bulbs planted deep,
Or about your Easter
whether knee-deep mud
will swallow the sunrise service,
whether lilies and anthems
will be what the planners planned,
whether the sermon
will be witty and gentle
and yet compelling.
Is not one coat shared
more than the temperature,
and one person
who has lost someone
and needs to hear that story
about stumbling around the garden
confused about gardeners
more important than trumpets
(and peeps) and alleluias?

As we prepare to lean into Holy Week next week, let’s trust that we do not need to worry… And may God’s peace blow through our hearts as we prepare…
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