Barbara’s Blurb for February 18th

Barbara’s Blurb for February 18th

Do you have a plan for your Lenten season this year?

I have found that it has been pretty distracting so far this February- Snow... More snow... Wicked winds... Bitter temperatures... More snow...  It feels like we might never get to spring no matter what the calendar tells us...

Well this Wednesday does indeed begin the 40 days of Lent (excluding Sundays).   Take a moment sometime this Wednesday to ask yourself what kind of Lent you want to have this year.  We have an opportunity to choose how we want to spend this Lent.  No one can tell any of us what might be the right way to prepare for Easter this year.  Yet it is up to each of us to pay attention and consider what it is that we have to learn this Lent and what God might be inviting us to consider during the next 40 days.

I can't tell you what this Lent might hold for you and I can't promise an epiphany for anyone. I trust, however, that God can surprise us when we least expect it!  May this Lent be full of the possibility of surprise for you.
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