Barbara's Blurb Feb 11, 2015

Barbara's Blurb Feb 11, 2015

I guess this just about sums it up for this week… Only 30 days until spring as of Wednesday, Feb. 11th.     Keep the faith, everyone – we will get to March 20th!  

"It sits in leaden piles...

It sits in leaden piles

It clogs up all the roads.

It fills with ice and messy slush

Our shovels with their loads.

A grimace on my face!

Another day of pain!

A jagged mountain towers high

And makes me wish for rain.

It covered up the fence,

The table and the chairs.

There were so many fleeces

I couldn't find the stairs!

We stack then slump then slog --

The summer's years away.

Acres of slush where parking was,

Invisible for today.

It chaps my exposed wrists

Whenever I try to clean.

It kills our hopes with each new storm

Grey endless icy scene."

by  Emily Dickinson

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