Barbara's Blurb 12/17/14

Barbara's Blurb 12/17/14

At this time of the year I love the poetry of Ann Weems from her book, Kneeling in Bethlehem. Her poetry speaks to me in words that resonate because they are clear and true.

I've been particularly struck this Advent by how long the nights have been and how short the days are - both actually and psychically with all the turmoil both here and around the world. I yearn for more light (Light) in my life at this time of year and so appreciate the language of Jesus as the Light of the World at this darkest of seasons here in New England.

As often as I can I turn on all the Christmas lights in my home and place candles in the window as I await the coming of the Light once again. Weems has a poem called "Toward the Light" which begins with: "Too often our answer to the darkness is not running toward Bethlehem but running away.... Running away is rampant..."

She captures our need for the Light when she writes, "When are we going to learn that Christmas Peace comes only when we turn and face the darkness? Only then will we be able to see the Light of the World."

May your Advent candle-lit season continue to be filled with moments of Hope, Peace, and Joy as we await Love and the Light to return.
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