Lunch & Learn for Leaders

Lunch & Learn for Leaders


In just a few weeks, we will launch our 2022 programs, starting with our new monthly Lunch & Learn for Leaders series on Thursday, January 20 (see below). These programs are all created in response to the challenges and concerns identified by you, our clergy and lay leaders. However, I invite you to approach these programs with a renewed spirit.

While these resources offer many solutions to problems, they also reveal opportunities to be realized. Rather than ask, “How are we going to …..?” (you fill in the blank – eliminate this internal conflict; become financially sustainable; grow our membership), consider asking the question, “What might happen if…..?” (we focus on creating a new vision for the future; reimagine how we use our buildings; increase our community engagement).
The Center for Transformational Leadership is able to offer these programs largely because of our churches’ financial support expressed through Proportional Giving. The CTL is here to help your congregation not just survive, but to thrive!


Lunch & Learn for Leaders Workshop Series

Lunch & Learn for Leaders is a new FREE monthly series starting in January hosted by the Center for Transformational Leadership. Every third Thursday, join us at noon for a 50-minute session of learning and discussion. Each month we will offer a bite-size opportunity to learn valuable concepts and practices from a subject expert. Our wide-ranging topics are relevant to areas of mission and ministry that you, our clergy and lay leaders, have indicated are timely for your congregations.

The schedule includes:

January 20 “Why Does My Church Need an Interim Minister?”
Is your congregation about to have a pastoral change? Did you have one recently? If so, are you curious or anxious about what to expect from pastoral leadership during this transitional time?  Is hiring an interim minister beneficial? How might you assess that?
Presenter: Rev. Dr. James H. Latimer, PCC Coach and Founder, Coaching for Interims.

February 17  Exploring the Benefits of Behavioral Covenants     
When you consider your church, do any of these statements resonate with you?
  • There is concern about the future of our church.
  • The church needs to consider new possibilities-what options and resources are available to transform our work.
  • The congregation is going to need to make some important decisions about the future soon.
  • The church is at a threshold moment and needs to know how to move forward.
  • The church is ready for vitalization or renewal but isn’t sure how to start.

If you agree with any or some of the above, please join Karen Ziel, Assistant Director of SNEUCC’s Center for Transformational to learn about the options and resources available to your church in this moment.  Karen will present an overview of the assessment and discernment tools and support that can be offered to our Conference congregations through the Center for Transformational Leadership. 

Presenter: Karen Ziel, Center for Transformational Leadership
March 17 Exploring Transformative Leadership in a Climate-Changed World
What is the role of spirituality and wisdom in transformative leadership? How is our discipleship formed and re-formed in a changing religious and cultural landscape? How might a faithful and effective mission be formed for ministry in a climate-changed world?
Presenters: Aram Mitchell, Director of Partnerships and Formation at the BTS Center and Rev. Emma Brewer-Wallin, Minister for Environmental and Economic Justice, SNEUCC

April 21 How can Family Systems Theory Inform Our Leadership?
How is using a family systems lens valuable to church leaders? Why and how does it apply to maintaining healthy congregations and communities? Learn more about the effects of anxiety on churches and individuals and how using a family systems lens can provide clarity and insight.
Presenter:  Rev. Barbara Lemmel is a coach and trained family systems educator. She developed and currently leads Tending the Fire a clergy leadership development process and has developed family systems retreats for laity and judicatory leadership.

May 19: Reaching Your Community-Church Podcasts 101
Over the last decade, podcasting has grown into one of the most important media methods for reaching individuals and communities. How can your congregation enter the world of podcasting? How do you begin? What topics, themes might be of interest? How can creating a podcast help your congregation make a deeper community connection?        
Presenter: Rev. Eric Fistler, Senior Minister for the First Congregational Church of Chrystal Lake, Chrystal Lake IL., and host of the podcast, Pulpit Fiction, exploring the lectionary and engaging contemporary authors and theologians.  Pulpit Fiction boasts a wide audience and is celebrating its 10th year.



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Bridget Johnson

Bridget Johnson is the Director of the Center for Transformational Leadership.  

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