#UCCSynod: Ubuntu

#UCCSynod: Ubuntu

Ubuntu; I am because you are. This word is part of the Zulu phrase, “Umunti ngumuntu ngabantu”, which means that a person is a person through other people. I was first introduced to this concept at Silver Lake. It was the theme that we were focusing on. We looked at the bible passage 1 Corinthians 12:14-26.

This passage is my favorite and the word, ubuntu, has stuck with me ever since. During General Synod, I heard the word in our first worship service and then again when we had the privilege to listen to Valarie Kaur

Valarie talked to us about Revolutionary Love and how we can choose to show up for others because they show up for us or we can choose to show up for others because we choose to love them.

Valarie describes Revolutionary Love as the choice to labor for others, for our opponents, and for ourselves in order to transform the world around us. I believe that we as delegates have made this choice to transform the world around us. We have all answered the call to vote and make decisions about resolutions that are before us. 

We all have different roles in this community. Some of us are storytellers who craft and engage one another in their experiences and culture through art, media, and movement. Others of us are visionaries who imagine and generate the boldest possibilities, hopes and dreams, and remind us of our direction. And a handful of us are disruptors who take uncomfortable and risky actions to shake up the status quo, to raise awareness, and to build power.

Many of us don’t just play one role, but I urge all of us to be builders. To develop, organize, and implement ideas, practices, people, and resources in service of a collective vision. The vision of the United Church of Christ; United in Christ’s love, a just world for all.


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Andrew Ellis McKinnis

Andrew McKinnis is a member of First Congregational Church of Fairfield, CT.

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