Charitable Society Assists Clergy in Need

Charitable Society Assists Clergy in Need

Do you know there is an organization that exists to assist retired pastors and their families with situations like these? Bug infestations - then getting scammed. Independent living threatened by appliance failure: first the washing machine, then the gas stove and water heater needed replacement. Replacements installed, now a new small chest freezer helps to manage food supplies frugally. Prescription drug and medical bills stretching a budget based on a skimpy pension and Medicaid to the breaking point, with major dental work on the horizon.
“It was good to hear from you, a voice of caring in this uncertain time... I was about to contact you regarding pressing medical bills due to two recent heart valve replacement surgeries..."
What do these situations have in common? Financial despair and lack of options to meet basic needs. These circumstances and others have been alleviated through support from the Massachusetts Congregational Charitable Society, (MCCS), the oldest charitable organization in the US, founded in 1786.
“A small stipend for very part time work has been crucial in my retirement, and COVID has made my situation very precarious. The closure of the church since the Sunday after Thanksgiving means I’m rapidly falling behind. The church paid me through the end of the year, but no Christmas bonus. While they provided a token of support in January and February, I don't know about March or beyond, even assuming they reopen.”
MCCS provides financial relief and support for retired persons who have served as Congregational or Unitarian Universalist ministers in Massachusetts or Maine, and for persons who are the spouses, widows/widowers, minor or disabled children, or former spouses of such ministers. MCCS grants restore dignity, strengthen independence and family ties, and reinforce the bonds of gratitude we hold for the faithful service of pastors and their families. 
“The residence of one of my adult children - disabled since birth - remains under lockdown because of the virus, but we are still able to see one another in person by meeting at a halfway point made possible by a transportation service enabled by your grant. My car and I are both aging; the car gets more regular checkups and care than I do, but we get where we need to go and enjoy the ride.”
Do you need some help, or know someone who might? Application information can be found at

There are a number of organizations that provide financial assistance to clergy in the historic Conferences  - visit this page for more information:



Ann P. Plumley

The Rev. Ann Plumley is a member of the Massachusetts Congregational Charitable Society.

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