Day Three and Four

Day Three and Four

Day Three and Four

General Synod 30 is exhausting both physically and mentally. But my heart and soul have been filled! The last two days have started with breakfast with other conference members at 6:30 AM; Committee Meetings; Plenary Sessions; Meet the Candidate Forum; Synod Hearings; and Worships Services. The last two days, I have found myself stumbling into bed around 10:30 or 11:00 PM. But I wake with a renewed sense that I am doing just and good work. I had originally questioned why I was selected to be a delegate. As I end the fourth day of the conference, I have come to think: why not me? I have been soaking it all in and listening attentively. I have voted with my conscience and according to how the Spirit moved me. Upon leaving one of the sessions of my assigned committee, I was drained. I was assigned to one of the committees dealing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The discussion was thought provoking and a lot of passion was on display from other committee members and UCCers in the room. As I exited, I ran into my Associate Minister, John Edgerton. He looked at me, and I guess my face showed what I had just experienced. He asked if I needed a hug, and I said yes. The hug touched my heart and I knew I was doing just and good work.


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Tracy Keene

Tracy Keene is a member of Old South Church in Boston, UCC.

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