A Powerful Moment

A Powerful Moment


One of the many reasons I love the UCC is our consistent prophetic witness, our "bold public voice" as our church calls it. The resolution my committee was discussing yesterday was the one to urge Washington DC's NFL football team to change its racist, demeaning name. It was easy to decide; the committee voted unanimously in support. But the high point was when two guests at the hearing, a man and a woman who were elders from a couple different native Nations, spoke so powerfully about the oppression and heartbreak they face in their communities, the loss of cultural pride in their young people, etc. I hope that the passage of this resolution reminds all of us to do ALL that we can -- including but certainly not limited to changing demeaning sports team names -- to aid Native communities in their flourishing.


Barbara Darling

Barbara K. Darling is Co-Chair of the SNEUCC Environmental Ministries Team. She is a member of the Church of the Covenant, Federated, in Boston and a Religion Professor at Wheaton College.  

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