You Have More Power Than You Think

You Have More Power Than You Think


Every morning we begin with breakfast and worship with the MACUCC delegation. Don Remick asked us to reflect on how we know when we experience God, and someone mentioned "sometimes when I get agitated or bothered, it's God nudging me to open wide my heart." O.K., I will be honest. That's not exactly what the person said, but that is what my heart heard.

Second honest confession: I have been less than thrilled about my resolution committee assignment. It's about resolving to re-commit to the reunification of the Korean Peninsula. My first thought was, "like that is ever going to happen." Well, I am here to confess that I have been humbled, humbled, humbled throughout the committee work we did today. Yes, it's a big resolution, complicated and hopeful and visionary and dreamy. It's overwhelming, frankly, when one thinks of it. But today, we heard testimony from our two ecumenical guests from the Presbyterian Church of the Korean Republic (PROK), Cho Moksanim and Chun Moksanim. (Moksanim is the Korean word for Reverend, or Pastor.) Cho Moksanim spoke primarily that as Christians, peace and justice is at the root of our relationship with God. And that the people (not the governments) are what matter in this case. And he said a whole lot of other things, too. Then, we had time for questions for the moksanims, and someone kind of asked, "How much does it really matter if we make this resolution. Will it really make a difference?" Chun Moksanim stood up and looked at us, and with passion in her voice said something like: "You have more power than you think. When denominations like the UCC make a resolution, it gives us energy to continue the work. We know this is a dream, a vision. But we also know that peace is possible. Look at the LGBT movement for the right to marry. Thirty years ago it didn't seem possible. But the dream became reality. We believe this for Korea." I appreciated her words.

As Christians committed to peace and justice in all of God's world, we American Christians, because of our privilege, do have a lot of power to effect change. I needed to remember that. And I have been changed by their witness. My friends, we have more power than we think. Let's believe in miracles, let's dream crazy out there dreams for justice and peace. Because within us, there is power, and around us everywhere is the power of God.

PS: I have two very special dear friends from my seminary days. One I told you about yesterday. The other is a Professor of Old Testament at Hanshin University and Divinity School, in Seoul, Korea, and a Presbyterian Minister, Lee Yeong Mee. I texted her today to ask if PROK was her church. It turns out she is very good friends with both Cho Moksanim and Chun Moksanim. We face timed today for about 45 minutes, and reconnected. It's a small world, and oh, God is so present in it!


Karla Miller

The Rev. Ms. Karla Miller is Interim Associate Pastor at First Church in Marblehead (Old North Church).  

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