God in Unexpected Places

God in Unexpected Places


How appropriate that this year's theme at General Synod 30 is Unexpected Places and that today the Supreme Court solidified marriage equality through out the United States!

I never thought this day would come. Growing up like so many of my LGBT brothers and sisters, I was told being gay was a sin. I remember how closeted I was and we were, and believing after Prop 8 passed that it would be decades before marriage equality was realized throughout the country. We learned of the news this morning during a Member in Discernment breakfast while Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Black was speaking to us. One of the national staff members had to interrupt Rev. Black (I don't imagine that has happened often!). The room immediately erupted in cheers, tears and hugs. We were reminded that is was 10 years ago that the UCC Synod passed a resolution in support of marriage equality. It took years of hard work, continued education, and prayers and then today God appeared in an Unexpected Place! With this monumental decision it reminds me how important the work of the church is to societal change. While immediate impact of resolutions and votes might not be felt yet this important work must continue, because it does make a difference. 

Signing off exhausted and excited for what unexpected places God will show up in tomorrow.


Tina Walker-Morin

Christina Walker-Morin is a member of Maple Street Congregational Church UCC, Danvers and is on the path to ordination.   

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