Ministry Through Music

Ministry Through Music

My approach and practice to my faith is through music. I have been actively engaged in my life of faith since age four when I first joined the choir at my home church, the First Congregational Church of Cheshire.

When I was little, I loved to sing, however I sang terribly! My parents heard about junior choir at my church and signed me up. I have learned so much from my choir director and I can sing now! Also, I found a huge connection to my faith through music. Music can make me feel so happy I cry or so sad that I cry.  This is what makes me love music: the wonderful, beautiful, amazing, tear-jerking affect it makes when it is transporting God's word from me and out into the world.

Given this, it’s not surprising that the most impactful experience of the Thinking About Working For God Apprenticeship for me this spring was singing in a new church with a new choir.  I was placed at First Church in Middletown for my job shadow experience. Initially, rehearsing with the new choir was a bit intimidating.  But I learned that people are easily united through the love of music and song. 

The experience allowed me to work with a much smaller choir where my contribution is more noticeable. Several people approached me and thanked me for singing with the choir, saying it was nice to see a new face up there. The choir itself was especially welcoming, as was the music director, Shari Lucas. I was able to participate in a special celebration for the church’s 350th anniversary highlighting their organ and all that it can do.  

I have often felt as if I can see God in the faces of the congregation when I am singing, and I was blessed to see this held true at the Middletown church.  Different location, different faces, but God was still there. And song is my medium.

For me, the takeaway is how seamless I can continue my work for God with music in any church and any setting.  I plan to find a place to continue to sing when I go to college. And I hope that even further in the future I will be able to find myself a participating in music ministry. Whether at my home church or not, God will stay with me as I go.
Dori Hall is a junior at Cheshire High School, a recent Silver Lake Counselor, and a member of First Congregational Church of Cheshire.  She was placed at First Congregational Church of Middletown for her 2018 TAWFG Apprenticeship.


Dori Hall

member of First Congregational Church of Cheshire.

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