Prayer for the Anniversary of the Marathon Bombing

Prayer for the Anniversary of the Marathon Bombing




This Easter season marks the anniversary of the bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. There will be many ways in which people and churches may be marking this anniversary. Ian Lynch, on behalf of The Disaster Resource Team, has crafted this prayer for use in our MACUCC churches. Please feel free to use it and adapt it as needed. Blessings in the Holy Season from the Disaster Resource Team.

Rev. Don Remick 


O God, our God, the one who always was, the one who goes the distance, slow down a while and walk with us this day: on the eve of running and persevering, on the eve of pain and remembrance.

We have waited for the day when we might renew our strength and run without growing weary. But the path to this starting line has been longer and harder than we expected. It has led us through suffering, loss, anger and death. Between the shock and pain at the finish line in Copley Square and the hopeful new start tomorrow in Hopkinton, we had to travel through violence and fear in Cambridge and Watertown. The heartbreak we will feel on the hilly marathon path tomorrow will be bigger than than empathy for the runners it defeats. Our hearts will be heavy remembering limbs, hearing and innocence lost. And we most especially grieve for Krystle, Lingzi and young Martin whose races are run, and for Officer Sean whose duty is over.

We have waited for this day when you might give power to the faint and strength to the powerless. But more than that we have waited for you, waited for even a glimpse of you, who never gets tired, who doesn't need to stop to catch your breath. O God, we wait in confidence that like a mother eagle you will feed us and cover us with the shelter of your wing. Remind us that we, too, are eagles, that we have wings with which to fly. Be for us the gentle breeze beneath us as we soar this day, confident of your healing presence, confident of your gracious love. Having been forgiven, may we forgive. Having known defeat, may we savor the victory that is ours in your grace this day, and in every race that is set before us. Amen.


Don H. Remick

Don Remick is Bridge Conference Minister.

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