Slots open for May 19 Citizens' Climate Lobby faith training

Slots open for May 19 Citizens' Climate Lobby faith training

Are you ready to bring your climate commitment outside the hallowed halls of your church?

We have the excellent opportunity for clergy and up to four laypeople from our congregations to attend the May 19 faith training with Citizens' Climate Lobby.
Legislation is the vehicle that can move us from sustainability in our own lives to achieve the social transformation necessary to ensure we avoid runaway climate change. This means that lobbying for this legislation is one of the most important actions we, as citizens, can take.

Citizens' Climate Lobby is one of the most well-established organizations using people power to push for climate legislation. CCL supports a carbon price, which accurately prices carbon to include its full social cost, incentivizing climate action through a language we all find intuitive – money. In particular, CCL pushes for a carbon fee and dividend, wherein citizens receive a rebate check each month. This approach helps lower income folks, and is supported by climate scientist and activist James Hansen as the most politically feasible option for limiting carbon emissions within the United States.

So come join on Tuesday, May 19 from 6 to 9 PM at Congregation Kehillath Israel in Brookline to receive the Citizens' Climate Lobby training, and learn how to speak into our voice as church members. (See more here.) Those who attend the May 19 training and are able should consider joining the June 21-23 Citizens' Climate Lobby national conference in Washington DC, which has no registration fee for clergy (FAQ here).

For all of us concerned with the habitability of this beautiful world, this training is an opportunity to join others in standing at the crossroads of faithful idealism and political pragmatism, capable of bringing about the legislative solutions we need. Register here!

Please contact me ( or Judy Weiss (, head of the Boston CCL chapter, for more information.


Patrick Cage

Patrick Cage served as environmental intern at the Massachusetts Conference, UCC for six months in early 2015.  He is a recent graduate of Yale College where he was an environmental studies major with a concentration in religion and the environment,

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